It’s weird being back on tumblr. I deleted it and facebook and a bunch of other shit for a while out of fear of being totally pacified by technology. I probably was. Maybe still am. Being back on here is kind of nice, I don’t have an urge to scroll for hours looking at bullshit like I used to. 

I’ve been smoking tons and tons of cigarettes as a coping mechanism for always being stressed and in a bad mood. It’s kind of dumb. I’ve seen a million people of older generations with no gums and hooked up to tubes and stuff just so they can inhale filthy smoke. Why am I doing it too?? Whatever. 

I keep compulsively buying books on Edvard Munch. His shit is insane, particularly all his graphic stuff. I have a ton of copies of his prints and woodcuts that aren’t anywhere online that I’ll scan and put up soon. PM me if you want anything scanned or copies of any text. Crazy interesting person. 

Peace. Watching Total Recall and crying 

I’ve been falling asleep and reading books on the red line for hours a day because my house is cold as fuck and haunted. An 68-year old woman named Tanisha (who was on the red line today) told me that her father was also named Jack and that he got beaten to death with a can of mixed vegetables.

: ~ )